Benefits Of A Whizzinator


A whizzinator is a 3.5-inch male cosmetic male organ manufactured and mainly used to stimulate urination of men. The whizzinator has a waist belt attached to it with two straps and a packing bag. The size around the waist is an estimate of 52inches in size, but you can request an extension of the waist while ordering. This item is a unisex toy and has multiple benefits for the user.

The Whizzinator Touchis designed mostly to be strapped on the men organ which can be used as a sex toy for stimulation and acts of sex between the partners. This item is an adult sex toy which can be used as a wet sex simulator by the partners. This product is made mainly of the partners who love and enjoy sex simulation but are worried and afraid of the bacteria or the unhygienic nature of the other partner’s actual male organ or their urine. Some individuals use the whizzinator as a fake male organ to pass urine in drug tests. This product is a pure product which does its work for this kind of people. In this case, the user does not have to worry about any contamination caused by using the whizzinator. This product should not be utilized for any illegal purposes.

This product is designed in different colors to match the skin tone of the users. The colors include black representing Africa, white which represents the Caucasian and also brown which represents the Latin. The variety of this colors shown should have no difference. In case of any variance of the color, it would be because of the lighting and also the clients’ skin tone.

The Female Whizzinatorkit includes one plastic urine capsule, heat pads, one syringe and an instruction manual. Before even using the product you should first read its manual which is very important. When using the device, it is straightforward because you should use it according to its manual and stick to the guide. The synthetic urine should first be removed from the bag before using it; the synthetic urine comes in a protected plastic bag. Mix the synthetic urine with water, and when mixed it should be used within 24 hours, or it expires, when mixing it with water, you should ensure that the water is not too warm. It is important to know how to control the flow of the fake urine. The device has been made with a white valve of on and off used to allow the flow of urine.


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