Interesting Facts About the Whizzinator


The Whizzinator is a controversial product which has always been used to produce fake urine.  This is mostly done by drug dealers or athletes to evade the law.  Using it for such purposes is wrong and against the state and federal laws.  However, it can be used for other helpful reasons.  This article gives an insight into interesting facts about Whizzinator Touch.

The kit comes with synthetic urine which is medical grade.  It contains the same compounds and characteristics as natural urine and is usually produced under a laboratory environment.  The synthetic urine, or otherwise called the ‘quick fix pee’, matches the normal urine’s color, PH level, and gravity.  It can be used as a hygienic and clean way of experiencing wet sex.

The Synthetic Urinealso comes with a plastic bag which can be able to hold up to 4oz of the synthetic urine, though if filled to capacity, it may cause leakage due to pressure exerted on the urine bag.  The bottles of synthetic pee should, therefore, be filled with 2 – 3 oz of the urine for a better fitting.

The kit is easy to use and does not require much effort from the user.  To start the peeing, pressure should be applied on the tip of the fake male organ.  The user may also use his thumb and forefinger to pinch the male organ’s head so as to start the peeing process.  By doing this, the synthetic urine will start flowing immediately until you release the pressure, and the synthetic pee will stop flowing.  The difference between the Whizzinator and the Whizzinator Touch is that the latter is able to avoid chances of leakage since it has an extra safety mechanism.

The kit comes in a flexible free size that is able to fit all.  This is because it is fitted with a waistband which is elastic and is easily adjustable.  In addition to this, the synthetic urine that is bought together with the kit can last for one year.  However, refills of the same are able to last for two years without compromising on the urine’s quality.

At the same time, the kit comes with some warming pads for the urine to keep it at a temperature that is human-like.  This gives the users a full human experience while using the fake pee.  The warmth of the pee lasts as long as the user has the kit on because its temperature is dependent on the heat pads and the body temperature of the user.


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